Biker Checklist

What should I carry to the race? What bike would be apt for the race? What tires and pedals should I run? If all these questions are flooding your mind, just read on.


The impossible race has climbs, descents, gnarly rock sections as well as tarmac stretches with undulations. Not to forget some drops too.

The best bike to compete on would be a hardtail cross country bike with 100-120mm of front fork travel, or a dual-suspension cross country rig with 100-120mm travel on both wheels. Aluminum and carbon, that would be a personal preference. You may get endure bikes with a lockout on the rear shock but keep in mind there are sections where you would have to hike for hundreds of meters with the bike on your back.

For further queries about the bike you should ride, feel free to post in our comment section.


The best tires for the terrain would be 2.10 to 2.25 wide and should have a hard pack compound as most of the terrain is rocky and dusty. You will not need mud tires as there are very few slippery sections. But be sure you will be racing in a region where most plants are thorny and soft compound tires would be more prone to flats. We will have recovery vans and we will allow rider to carry their flat kits and spare tubes. But let's be honest, flats are no fun, yet a part of the challenge.


Most of the spares which you may need will be available on the spot at the bike aid stations but it never hurts to be prepared. Do carry spare tubes, and rotors if possible because some rocks can be unforgiving.


Most accessories are personal preferences but there are some pretty essential to racing in the Impossible Race. Namely, a hydration pack, a small daypack which you will be using while riding, gloves, proper riding shoes (depending on if you ride clipped in or flats, also the shoes should be able to take the abuse the hikes will throw at them. A helmet is mandatory for all riders, Eye protection from the sun, breathable jerseys or attire and padded inner shorts or lycra. Riders may ride with armor (knee and elbow protection).


We will have first aid and medical facilities at the race venue and at the checkpoints but it never hurts to be prepared. You will be riding through sections where our medical personnel may take a few minutes to reach. And some minor injuries which will not really require you to wait for long. Do try and carry a small kit with basic ingredients such as.

  • Bandages
  • Band Aid strips
  • Electrol (in case of dehydration)
  • Cotton
  • Volini or any relief spray


Accommodation will be in luxury tents and so sleeping bags will not be required. But in case you want to feel outdoorsy, you may carry yours. Pack a personal bug repellant (There are negligible amount of bugs in polo)


  • Bike
  • Spare tubes and patch kit
  • Mini pump
  • Mini multi tool
  • Riding Shoes
  • Spares which you may need
  • Mini personal first aid kit
  • Spare tires (if folding tires and you are very specific about the rubber you run)
  • Helmet
  • Shades
  • Jerseys or bike apparel
  • Gloves
  • Daypack with hydration pack or sipper bottle
  • One layer of warm clothing.
  • Lots of adrenaline.
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